Your startup must show some traction in your market to be seriously considered as a business worthy of investments.  That’s just the facts of business.  Traction provides evidence of a couple of qualities you have going on as a founder and startup business:

  • You can execute on a structured plan that produces revenue.  This is no small task: it requires people management, strategy, tactics, and creative use of minimal resources.  Your ability to execute is on display in a number of important factors that investors look at – and this shows you’re not just an idea person, but you have the commitment, tenacity, flexibility, leadership, and management skills to move your idea forward.
  • Your startup business idea is something people are actually willing to pay for to help solve a need and want they have in their lives.  This is evidence that you might have something that will be profitable in the market – and it’s not just a hobby.

WomenLaunch’s current primary offering is to help you do what it takes to get market traction.  We apply our 18+ years of sales, marketing, high tech, and small business experience to help you put in place the foundation it really takes to be successful.  This isn’t a mystery or rocket science.  It’s the tried and true marketing essentials that ensure success.  We position you for a faster track to getting customers.

We do that with:

Startup Marketing Consulting

We’re available to put the key components that will save you time and money to get market traction.  This is different for everyone, so call us to talk about what might work for you.

Market Traction Seminars

We’re  reviewing options to bring seminars to you through our meetup:  These will cover customer development, lean startup principles applied to marketing, growth hacking, online and offline marketing, and sales.

Marketing Workshops

We are allied with Women’s Startup Labs to offer our Lean Marketing Workshops.  You can register for the upcoming lean marketing workshop here.

The Lean Marketing Workshop Series:

You’ll learn how to avoid throwing away time and money on marketing that won’t get you anywhere beyond an expensive lesson.  You will walk away with some tools, ways of thinking, and processes that can make a huge difference for you.

Lean Marketing Workshop Part 1

Lay the essential foundation – no more, no less– that will save you time and money for the life of your business.  That’s what Part 1 covers with some presentation, some exercises, and discussion.

Lean Marketing Workshop Part 2

Build your strategy in a way that tactics will be more apparent and effective.  Part 2 covers some tools, different ways of thinking, and basic elements of strategizing.  The objective of strategy is to know where you’re going, then identifying how you’re going to get there is easy, fast, and fun.

Students of the Lean Marketing Workshops with a password can click here to access Lean Marketing Workshop Resources and Materials.