Welcome to WomenLaunch

We envision a world full of powerful women CEO’s running successful businesses of all sizes in all industries.

WomenLaunch accelerates your success.

We deliver key startup consulting, seminars, and workshops to founders who would love an opportunity to stand on the shoulders of others’ experience and knowledge as a jumping off point.

WomenLaunch is also a peer startup accelerator.

We empower mid-career women to be entrepreneurs and build successful, scalable businesses by providing networking, mentoring, peer coaching, and access to other startup resources.

What our members are saying:

“Wow — just found you — so glad you guys exist!!  Thank you — it’s so refreshing to see this network in action.  Congrats for filling this important niche!

“I now feel like I can ‘talk with’ like minded professional women who share my interest in building a company.  It has been very helpful to connect with people at various different stages of starting a company and share learnings. ”

“One of the biggest values of WomenLaunch is to build a support structure for entrepreneurial women, and provide a forum to share experiences.  I really appreciate the feedback I received on my specific endeavor, and in helping me figure out ways to monetize.”  

“The highest value a group like this can offer is two things:  networking opportunities to grow the “womens” networks stronger and more useful, and a hand in fundraising.”


We’re creating a collaborative culture among women entrepreneurs – taking what’s best about how women network and connect with one another.

We value:

  • Collaboration and transparency

  • Passion, innovation, and drive

  • Maximizing potential revenue growth

  • Professional development

This is about creating a new dynamic around startups, VC money, and women in business.  We invite you to join our adventure!